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Road Rage Stories

True stories of road rage.

Chicago Drivers Always Keep a Weapon Close at Hand

roadrage6When I was about fifteen or sixteen, I learned to carry a weapon at all times while driving in Chicago. My dad came to visit us in those days. I hadn’t seen him in two years, so I was pretty excited when he pulled up in his 1963 Riviera. He had with him his new, young wife, who was closer to my age than his, but that’s another story. I got into his car to go for a Chicago Pizza, which he had been bragging about since he met her. Before he took off, he showed us a small baseball bat he kept right by his side, and explained to his California girl that everyone in Chicago has to carry a weapon in their car because everyone fights over everything- road rage, accidents, everything, and anything. And they will jump out to fight you with a weapon too, so your only hope is to have one as well.
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Road Rage: Hit and Run: Taxi Vs Punk

taxi2 It started out as a typical day- twelve hours at the wheel of a Yellow Cab in Chicago. I leased it for twenty-four hours, but I usually worked about twelve. I was getting tired and heading in the general direction of home. That was my system- once I reached my quota (about $150 or more), […] Continue reading →

Road Rage Help: 10 Road Rage Tips

road-rage-face If you suffer from road rage here’s 10 Tips to help you out: Road rage is something that affects many drivers and it’s amazing to see that some of the calmest people in everyday life are transformed when they get behind the wheel. Whether you are planning a second hand purchase via, or buying […] Continue reading →

Road Rage: Off Duty Cop Goes Crazy

carol-stream-police-car This is probably one of the weirdest things that ever happened to me. This is coming from a guy who was an ambulance chaser in Chicago for several years. I’ve seen a lot of crooked cops in my chasing days, but this guy really made an impression on me- He had absolutely no self-control, and […] Continue reading →