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Ambulance Chaser Stories

True stories from chasers and head-hunters

How to Spot an Ambulance Chaser

car accidentIs ambulance chasing going on in your neighborhood? Is it illegal? What exactly is ambulance chasing? Do the cops make money? We’ll look at those questions as we expose just how easy it is to spot a chaser today. The first thing to note is, no one calls it ambulance chasing any more. It’s just chasing. And it’s very easy to see if it’s going on near you.

Before you go chasing a chaser, so to speak, you will need two things: A police scanner, and a car. That, and some time.

However, keep in mind, chasers are a strange lot, so you might not want to get too close as you peruse the streets looking for them- especially if you are carrying a video camera.
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Chicago Cops: My First Bribe: $20

Dateline Chicago 1981: I was eighteen years old and driving a taxi. You had to be at least twenty-five to drive for Yellow Cab, but I had a fake license. In those days it was very easy to get a fake license. The Illinois Licenses didn’t have a picture on them in those days! Even […] Continue reading →