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Can Truckers Legally Carry a Gun Across State Lines?

I’m a big fan of the Second Amendment, and I do carry a gun myself, when I can do so legally.  I have a right-to-carry permit from my home state (Indiana), and my permit is honored in twenty-eight other states.  I did a lot of research on this subject for my own personal knowledge, so I can make sure I stay within the law.  And, I figured there must be a lot of drivers out there who were wondering the same thing.

In fact, I was sitting in a room with about ten other truck drivers a few weeks ago and the subject of carrying a gun came up.  Two of the drivers there admitted they carried a gun in their truck.  I didn’t admit it, even though I had one in my truck, and I wondered if anyone else wasn’t admitting what he had.  Which had me wondering how many drivers really keep a gun with them.  From what I heard that day, I’d guess that three or four out of ten drivers probably pack a gun in their truck (in states where they can do so legally). Continue reading →