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Writers Wanted – Submission Guidelines

Here at Driver Story Magazine we are always looking for good stories and news. The only qualifications are, it must be a true story, and it must be interesting. That, and, it must be related to driving. We especially like, as our tag-line suggests, true stories of road rage, police brutality and corruption.

There are two ways to submit a story to us. One is to send an email query to Ken Skaggs.

The other way is join the blog. Register through the link on the sidebar and start commenting and posting right away. Your first post will be moderated and may take a day or two to be approved. Once you have been approved you can post again and again, and all of your posts will be up on the site automatically.

Be warned though, we carefully screen all posts and comments. Any spam will be deleted immediately. We don’t mind if you post an appropriate link or picture, but no links to unrelated pages, or pages that require an email subscription to continue on. (I hate that, don’t you?) Plus, since we are a do-follow blog, your username is automatically a link to your website.

Anything inappropriate will be deleted as well. We don’t mind streetwise straight-talk, as long as it’s true. But we don’t want any swear-words (except maybe one or two if used appropriately).

If, after a few posts we start to consider you a decent writer, we will upgrade you to a columnist position. So far, there is no pay for writing. But you never know how successful the site may become in the future. If we start making some money, and your writing is one of the reasons for it, we will certainly share.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Now go post something!

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