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I am a Chicago native and a long-time trucker. I drove a taxi in Chicago, was an ambulance chaser, repo man, and I love to write about streetwise, true, driver stories.
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Rural Legend: The Big Canadian Moose in the Road Story

big moose in waterIn all my 30-years of trucking, I have heard this same story (below), told to me by several different drivers, as if it happened to them personally. Of course, I never believed any of them, because I heard of this urban legend, or rural legend in this case. But I’ll do what all the other truckers do- tell the story as if it happened to me…

One company I used to work for used to send us up to Canada quite a bit. One day I happened to be on a two lane road somewhere way up north. I was way out in the middle of nowhere. I hadn’t seen another vehicle for several hours. All of a sudden, I see a moose standing in the road ahead of me!
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How to Spot an Ambulance Chaser

Is ambulance chasing going on in your neighborhood? Is it illegal? What exactly is ambulance chasing? Do the cops make money? We’ll look at those questions as we expose just how easy it is to spot a chaser today. The first thing to note is, no one calls it ambulance chasing any more. It’s just […] Continue reading →