Corruption in Chicago: Why You Never See the Chicago Police on the TV Show COPS

police-brutality-signDid you ever wonder why you never see the Chicago Police on the TV show Cops?

Maybe you never noticed it, but it’s true. You’ll see Albuquerque, Fort Worth, Denver, but you’ll never see Chicago and I know why. Anyone that lives here knows why too. It’s because they don’t want you to see how the Chicago Police really are. The way they beat people up everyday. All the money they make from ambulance chasers. The way they enter a drug dealers house without a warrant and beat the truth out of people.

It’s not that I think beating up a drug dealer is bad, I don’t. I like to see them get the crap kicked out of them. Also, I think that beating the truth out of anybody who is obstructing justice is good police work. That’s the way I was raised, in Chicago.

I am sure there are a lot of good cops in Chicago.

I have been saved by them a time or two. There are some real heroes here, don’t get me wrong. What I am talking about is a select few. There is a code of silence among them. A brotherhood of trust that can never be betrayed. Some of them rank pretty high too. I am not going to name names. That would probably get me killed. But, believe me, the mafia ain’t shit compared to these guys. They are the law and it’s your word against theirs. Who is a judge going to believe- you or a police officer?

I could tell you some stories and I will, in due time (keep checking). Many people I know have been on the receiving end of some of this. Granted, they usually had it coming. Like I said, I’m all for justice, anyway you can get it. But the liberals in California would have a heart attack if they only knew the truth. Even Oprah doesn’t know (and she lives here). One day on her show, someone brought the subject up and she shot it down. She wouldn’t know. She lives such a sheltered life. Anyway, the rules are different when dealing with the rich and famous. But, as for us regular guys, we play by their rules.

There are some good qualities about it too.
In fact, I kind of like it this way. For example, if you always tell the truth to a cop in Chicago, even if you broke the law, that counts for something and they just might let you go, especially if you were stopped for a traffic offense or something minor. But on the other side of that, if you get caught lying, all bets are off and since you are playing dirty, they will too. And you will never win against them, once the gloves are off.

One of the downfalls with this kind of justice, is that when these guys get a hunch, it becomes fact. For example, if one of them gets a feeling that you know something, they will beat it out of you. And if by some chance, you really don’t know anything, but they still believe that you do, they will still lock you up. They will find something on you, even if they have to make it up.

A short example of this, is, one day I got pulled over for not having any brake lights. The cop said that my brake lights didn’t light up until I was almost stopped. I was driving a stick shift and I used my engine to slow me down. I explained that to him, but he still didn’t believe me. I stepped on my brakes and saw the reflection off his car. They worked fine. Not only that, but I never had another problem with them. His argument was “believe me, when you barely touch your brakes, they don’t light up.” I barely touched them and still saw a reflection. He was wrong and couldn’t admit it. He searched my car too, because I was a teenager at that time and that’s what they do to teenagers.

I’ll be writing true stories every time I get the time. You can browse this site and find these stories and more just like them: Ambulance chasers pay cops everyday. Twenty bucks can get you out of a ticket. A huge percentage of Chicago drivers have no license or insurance. Cops beat-up teenagers, because they can. Cops beat-up smart-asses. Crowd watches as bum gets beat up and then they laugh about it.

Drug dealer gets home searched without a warrant, cops find nothing and still he gets beat up and goes to jail. Juvenile delinquent gets arrested thirty three times for crimes ranging between burglary and auto theft and never does time. These are just a few off the top of my head, I have much more. Plus, people I know have some more true stories of police brutality and corruption in Chicago, plus a couple of good stories about some heroic cops.

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