Chicago Cops Enter Drug-Dealers House Without Warrant and Beat People

Chicago Police patchTo people like me, that grew up in Chicago, this is nothing new. But to all the rest of the web, it might interest you to know the way justice is served in Chicago. Maybe one day things will turn around here, but until then, we just don’t mess with the cops- they are above the law. In fact (to quote Judge Dredd), they are the law- whatever they say goes, unless you happen to be connected. And in that case, you are above the law as well.

Did you ever wonder why you never see Chicago Police on the TV show “Cops”? Those of us that live here know why- that would totally disrupt their work. They wouldn’t be able to do their job, the only way they know how. They don’t allow any cameras. If they find you looking at them with one, they’ll break it and pull the film out.

If anyone ever wants to do a sting on the Chicago Police, you better bring the FBI. Or have plenty of cameras, and cameras on your cameras, and hidden cameras on those cameras, that send a satellite signal to a tape machine somewhere else.

Of course, not all Chicago Police are corrupt like this. But a lot of them are. In fact, there is a lot of corruption in some of the suburbs too. Here’s a story from Carol Stream, IL about a crazy cop who had a case of road rage.

Anyway, here’s what happened…

JJ is a drug dealer. On just about any given night, the cops would have found drugs at his house. But on this one particular night, JJ was out of town, and he took his drugs with him. Meanwhile, at the JJ plantation (in other words, his mom’s house), the Chicago police are working on a tip- someone told them JJ was a drug dealer.

About 5AM, cops kicked the door in at JJ’s house, much to the shock of JJ’s mom. They busted the door down too- it was lying on the floor, unhinged. They flip over everything that moved, tossed every drawer out of every dresser, emptied the contents of the fridge onto the floor in the kitchen, and literally tore the place up. But they never found any drugs.

While they were about half-way through, JJ’s mom called JJ and begged him to tell her where the dope was so she could give it to the cops before they wreck her place. But JJ swore he didn’t have any drugs there.

Meanwhile, two friends came over to buy some drugs. The cops dragged those two into the house and beat them senseless, trying to get to “the truth”. Of course, the two had no drugs on them because they were there to buy, not sell. But that didn’t stop the cops, who wanted to know exactly where JJ kept it all.

They even threatened JJ’s mom, who was trying to be cooperative. Thank God they didn’t lay a hand on mom, just some stern finger-pointing and demanding questions.

They went into the basement too, and tore up all the landlords stuff. When Chicago cops search a place, they tear it apart, break everything on purpose, and will punch a smart-ass, or even someone they think is lying.

Bottom-line: JJ had a good time on his little trip, and had to spend all the money he made off the drugs to fix mom’s house back to where it was.

The next day, mom was happy again, and JJ went back to business as usual. And the cops never bothered him again.

NOTE: I know all this from a very reliable source, and would bet my life it was all true. I don’t condone drug dealing, nor do I condone cops busting in, breaking everything in sight without a search warrant.

My only disclaimer: This was a long time ago.

Welcome to Chicago baby.

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