Real Road Rage Video – One Punch Knockout

roadrage6Here’s a real road rage incident caught on camera. The drunk looking guy just kept on pushing the issue, he wouldn’t walk away, just kept on with taking occasional swings, spitting, then beating on his car.

After showing tremendous patience, the victim decided to fight back. (Or maybe he just got the opportunity when the idiot stepped far enough away from the door.) He calmly threw one good punch in the face of the big baby. (Yeah, trouble makers are just big babies, crying because they didn’t get their way, like a toddler who falls on the floor kicking and screaming.) And promptly knocked the punk out- not exactly out cold, but flat on the ground for while. Then the cop shows up- he saw the whole thing. It’s great.

I found this video clip at Youtube, but it was so right-on with what we’re doing, I thought I’d just embed it here too. Check it out…

* This picture is not of the actual fight. It is just a funny picture that I thought was appropriate for the story.

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