Rural Legend: The Big Canadian Moose in the Road Story

big moose in waterIn all my 30-years of trucking, I have heard this same story (below), told to me by several different drivers, as if it happened to them personally. Of course, I never believed any of them, because I heard of this urban legend, or rural legend in this case. But I’ll do what all the other truckers do- tell the story as if it happened to me…

One company I used to work for used to send us up to Canada quite a bit. One day I happened to be on a two lane road somewhere way up north. I was way out in the middle of nowhere. I hadn’t seen another vehicle for several hours. All of a sudden, I see a moose standing in the road ahead of me!
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Corruption in Chicago: Why You Never See the Chicago Police on the TV Show COPS

police-brutality-signDid you ever wonder why you never see the Chicago Police on the TV show Cops?

Maybe you never noticed it, but it’s true. You’ll see Albuquerque, Fort Worth, Denver, but you’ll never see Chicago and I know why. Anyone that lives here knows why too. It’s because they don’t want you to see how the Chicago Police really are. The way they beat people up everyday. All the money they make from ambulance chasers. The way they enter a drug dealers house without a warrant and beat the truth out of people.

It’s not that I think beating up a drug dealer is bad, I don’t. I like to see them get the crap kicked out of them. Also, I think that beating the truth out of anybody who is obstructing justice is good police work. That’s the way I was raised, in Chicago.
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How to Spot an Ambulance Chaser

car accidentIs ambulance chasing going on in your neighborhood? Is it illegal? What exactly is ambulance chasing? Do the cops make money? We’ll look at those questions as we expose just how easy it is to spot a chaser today. The first thing to note is, no one calls it ambulance chasing any more. It’s just chasing. And it’s very easy to see if it’s going on near you.

Before you go chasing a chaser, so to speak, you will need two things: A police scanner, and a car. That, and some time.

However, keep in mind, chasers are a strange lot, so you might not want to get too close as you peruse the streets looking for them- especially if you are carrying a video camera.
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Some Fights I had in Audy Home Chicago

AudyHomeAudy home in Chicago is where juveniles are sent while they await court. If sentenced, they go to any one of several other juvenile penitentiaries.

Although I was a bad kid and locked up in Audy Home on five occasions, I never did any actual time. I usually got out when I went to court. They gave juveniles a lot of breaks in those days, and I was the recipient of many.
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Chicago Drivers Always Keep a Weapon Close at Hand

roadrage6When I was about fifteen or sixteen, I learned to carry a weapon at all times while driving in Chicago. My dad came to visit us in those days. I hadn’t seen him in two years, so I was pretty excited when he pulled up in his 1963 Riviera. He had with him his new, young wife, who was closer to my age than his, but that’s another story. I got into his car to go for a Chicago Pizza, which he had been bragging about since he met her. Before he took off, he showed us a small baseball bat he kept right by his side, and explained to his California girl that everyone in Chicago has to carry a weapon in their car because everyone fights over everything- road rage, accidents, everything, and anything. And they will jump out to fight you with a weapon too, so your only hope is to have one as well.
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Drowsy Driving: We the People, Lacking Sleep

driver fatigueFive years ago, Emmy Morales’ life changed forever when she and her husband were victims of reckless driving. In the morning hours, when many commuters are driving to work, Morales and her husband were rear-ended by a drowsy driver. The impact of the crash killed her husband and left Morales so severely injured that she was unable to attend her husband’s funeral. The preventable accident left an everlasting emotional, financial and physical impact on Morales’ life, making her an advocate against drowsing driving. While her pledge to educate others about the dangers of drowsy driving cannot bring her husband back, nor fill the ever-present missing piece in her life, she hopes that her story will inspire others to think twice before driving while sleep deprived. Continue reading Drowsy Driving: We the People, Lacking Sleep

Road Safety Etiquette

driving etiquetteOur roadways are filled with hurried, commuting drivers running late for work or to an appointment. Tailgating, aggressive driving, speeding, and failure to be courteous on the road are all aspects of bad road etiquette. Bad road etiquette leads to unsafe drivers and unsafe drivers are ultimately the cause of many preventable car accidents. Becoming a more conscientious driver will show fellow motorists that you understand and respect road safety etiquette.
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The Toughest Guy I Ever Met in My Life: True Story: the Real-Life Road House

Beautiful Ring Girl 1Growing up on the North-side of Chicago, I knew many men who had a lot of fights. In all my job-hopping (over 100 different jobs) I met a lot of outspoken, potato sack slingers who would stand up to anything, and win. My two uncles were probably the toughest guys in the neighborhood. I worked for well-connected ambulance chasers who always had a lot of trouble going on, from fist-fights to property damage, even sabotage.
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Restaurant Rage: Teen Goes Nuts on Cashier- True Story

angry boy atatueThis is a true story. I totally lost my temper one day at a Woolworth restaurant counter, threw my drink at the cashier and threatened the security guard too. I was about fifteen years-old, so this was in 1975.
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How to Spot Road Rage & Avoid it (Statistics)

Road RageGoing back as little as thirty years in American news history, road rage appeared in news reports less than a handful of times; the term ‘road rage’ wasn’t even created until the late 80s. Road rage is the act of being aggressive or irate while operating a vehicle. By the late 90s, over 4,000 stories of road rage received media coverage yearly. Today, over 13,000 cases of road rage are reported every year, that doesn’t even begin to account for the number of people who decided not to report an incident. Continue reading How to Spot Road Rage & Avoid it (Statistics)

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