The Latest Speed Camera Development

speed-camera-bridgeWe are all aware that speed is one of the biggest factors in fatal road collisions and it is in everyone’s best interests to encourage all road users to avoid exceeding the speed limit.

Even though there doesn’t seem to be much difference when you are driving a car between 30 and 40mph, in fact, if you were to hit a pedestrian, their risk of death is four times greater at the higher speed. This is a sobering thought and one which should make us all reassess how fast we are driving.

In addition, driving above the speed limit can also incur serious penalties including: points on your driving license; monetary fines; and even the loss of your license for a serious issue or repeated offenses.
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How to Spot an Ambulance Chaser

Is ambulance chasing going on in your neighborhood? Is it illegal? What exactly is ambulance chasing? Do the cops make money? We’ll look at those questions as we expose just how easy it is to spot a chaser today. The first thing to note is, no one calls it ambulance chasing any more. It’s just […] Continue reading →

Some Fights I had in Audy Home Chicago

AudyHome Audy home in Chicago is where juveniles are sent while they await court. If sentenced, they go to any one of several other juvenile penitentiaries. Although I was a bad kid and locked up in Audy Home on five occasions, I never did any actual time. I usually got out when I went to court. […] Continue reading →

Drowsy Driving: We the People, Lacking Sleep

Five years ago, Emmy Morales’ life changed forever when she and her husband were victims of reckless driving. In the morning hours, when many commuters are driving to work, Morales and her husband were rear-ended by a drowsy driver. The impact of the crash killed her husband and left Morales so severely injured that she […] Continue reading →

Road Safety Etiquette

Our roadways are filled with hurried, commuting drivers running late for work or to an appointment. Tailgating, aggressive driving, speeding, and failure to be courteous on the road are all aspects of bad road etiquette. Bad road etiquette leads to unsafe drivers and unsafe drivers are ultimately the cause of many preventable car accidents. Becoming […] Continue reading →